After debuting the CHELSEA LEIFKEN collections at NY NOW this past February, we had UH-mazing responses - although we couldn't help but prepare ourselves for the whispers and wide eyes of, "Did you see what that pillow said!?" 
One of our most popular pillows to date is "GET THE FUCK OUT OF BED".  When it comes to reactions about the CHELSEA LEIFKEN products, we've found that people typically fall into three different categories. Some find it hilarious and totally relatable. Some giggle in the sense that they've said that to themselves before but would never speak it out loud. While the third group of people think it's a little too forward and can't image the word "fuck" ever being placed on a bed - oh the irony.  
Our manufacturer sent us an article from GLAMOUR Magazine this morning titled, WTF Is Up With All the F-Words?  It explains, "It used to be punishable by bar-of-soap-in-mouth, but now the "F" bomb is dropped everywhere. Do or Don't?" 
Well - you're aware of our views and products - wtf do you think?