Black is my uniform - consider it my brand identity.

Marie Claire’s recent article “How Wearing All Black to Work Every Day Saved My Career,” is basically my uniform secret as well. Black makes me feel strong and confident – so much so that you can see my business designs also mirror my monochromatic life.

I believe it was right around graduating business school (circa 2011) that I dabbled in finding myself and what made Chelsea “feel alive.” Insert removing hair extensions and shaving head, trading in colorful too tight bandeau dresses for black jumpsuits and ditching the Hollywood heels for a pricey pair of leather combat boots.

If you know me – you know my wardrobe is pretty minimal and I'd rather spend an hour waiting in line for espresso then having the typical “I have nothing to wear” meltdown in my room.

Don’t think I’m wearing the same black outfit you saw me in last week - I own 10 of every item in my closet; plain black tees and tanks, black pants, black boots, and my (shouldn’t have paid that much but did) black leather jackets. Which also extends to my gym wardrobe consisting of dark as night yoga pants, black breatheable shirts and my all black child size Nikes. 

I mean - the only thing that gives me more anxiety than being brought to an ECD festival - is a pair of white socks. Ok – you get me.