Chelsea Leifken is a multifaceted creative entrepreneur who inspires others to create their most beautiful reality. Along with being the face, designer, and aesthetic mastermind to her own lifestyle company — Chelsea doubles as a creative director for other product, service, and personal brands. 

What began as a journey of self-discovery has transformed her artistry into a platform to promote self-love, authenticity and unfiltered happiness. The breadth of her work is now reflected in the building blocks of her life — which include spirituality, self-love, creative expression, mindful movement, cultivating meaningful relationships and living a life of service.  

Chelsea continues to collaborate with nonprofits, organizations, and communities to empower and educate bright lights across the globe.  While the CHELSEA LEIFKEN ® team is headquartered in Los Angeles — Chelsea travels the world shining her light and sharing her self-love journey to inspire others.