I always prided myself in working with quality materials and with quality people, so from the time my business idea was just a thought on paper, I was on a mission to find a factory here in the states that held the same high design standards as moi.

I searched a website called Makers Row night and day and made calls to companies - many of whom told me that they couldn't help me until I had an order of (x) amount.

I called one factory and was connected to a gentleman who was interested in helping make my products and bring my brand idea to life. I was told he could make however many pillows I wanted. He asked me a few questions and then we planned to meet so that I could show him my current samples.

The factory that I am talking about is run by two kindhearted Italian men who have made me feel beyond comfortable in all areas of working together. We sat down to talk business and I knew before the sewing machines were turned on – if all went well  I would be honored to do business with this factory.

Samples were made and I was more pleased than ever. Their quality, professionalism, communication and expertise far surpassed anything I could have imagined.

I now have the factory manufacturing and shipping my product through their warehouse  full blown fulfillment center. 

From a designer's perspective – they have made the process so seamless for me to be able to create and sell whatever it is that I wish. Not only did I find a factory that believes in me, but they also gave me the chance to expand my brand though their warehouse – where I can keep up jobs and oversee production - right here in the states.

#madeintheusa - because I like to be able to drop in and high five the team I am making rad shit with.