Chelsea Leifken Headshot


Chelsea Leifken is known for being a beam of light - who creates conscious content. She is an international artist, speaker and workshop leader who has created a limited line of leather jackets and accessories by merging her minimalist aesthetic and unique writing style to share her message of universal love.

While her art studio and manufacturing is based in Los Angeles, Chelsea travels the world spreading her message. She has been invited to create, speak and lead workshops all over - along with being commissioned to create for her international clientele.

Chelsea is partnered with Awaken Arts - a 501c(3) organization that provides unique art programs that foster creative expression and collaboration. Creating programs where mentors visit at-risk youth facilities and help teens express themselves through various forms of art. 

Chelsea also lives and breathes her signature mantra - TREAT EVERYBODY LIKE THEY ARE SOMEBODY® — and continues to collaborate with nonprofits, organizations, and communities to inspire, empower, and educate young women. Through documenting her journey, Chelsea has organically built a following by spreading her message of love and light.