Chelsea Leifken is an artist + speaker + thought leader who inspires others to stand in their light. Along with being the face, designer, and aesthetic mastermind to her own lifestyle company — Chelsea has collaborated with like-minded product-based brands to spread her message of universal love to the masses.


What began as a journey of self-discovery has transformed her artistry into a platform to promote self-love, authenticity and unfiltered happiness. The breadth of her work is now reflected in the building blocks of her life — which include shining bright, loving yourself, creating all things beautiful, moving intentionally, connecting authentically, and giving unconditionally. 


Chelsea continues to collaborate with nonprofits, organizations, and communities to empower and educate bright lights across the globe.  While the CHELSEA LEIFKEN ® team is headquartered in Los Angeles — Chelsea travels the world shining her light and sharing her self-love journey to inspire others.