Chelsea Leifken Headshot

Chelsea is an artist, self love leader, and inspirational speaker who creates to inspire. She is on a mission to help girls find, love and celebrate themselves. She created a line of leather accessories by merging her minimalist aesthetic and her unique writing style to further share her message of love with the masses. 

When she graduated with a Bachelors of Business Degree from FIDM LA, she was left highly educated but struggling to find herself - her style, her interests, her own path, her purpose, her voice. 

Like every inspirational quote on Pinterest urges you to do - she quit her 9-5 e-commerce job [the kind girls dream of getting after college], moved back in with her mom, got a barista job and rented an art studio to make just enough cash to cover her bills. This allowed Chelsea enough time to cry and paint, express her feelings and heal from her past.

A breakdown, break through, and haircut later - she had arrived. 

She started to find her purpose in helping girls whose lives reflected some part of hers - which is when she decided to partner with non-profit Awaken Arts. She strives to inspire, empower, and educate girls in Los Angeles.

While working in the community, Chelsea kept feeling inspired to spread the message of “TREAT EVERYBODY LIKE THEY ARE SOMEBODY.” Being such an empath - nothing hurt her heart more than when people were treated differently than others. 

Chelsea currently lives in Los Angeles and paints her lovely feelings of inspiration everywhere.