As a delicate flower who once struggled with depression and darkness, the arts were my safe escape to express myself and my feelings. After building a business, I made a promise that I would do anything in my power to help girls connect to themselves through art.
Merging the CHELSEA LEIFKEN mission of spreading compassion, kindness and love and my personal passion to inspire young women, I'm excited to announce my partnership with the non-profit, Awaken Arts.
Awaken Arts is a 501c(3) organization that provides unique arts programs that foster creative expression and collaboration. Creating programs where mentors visit at risk youth facilities and help teens express themselves through various forms of art. Focused on the belief that when we create together, we heal together.
I found a home with Awaken Arts first as an art mentor, but through our ongoing partnership I am committed to helping to further develop programs that enrich the lives and build self-esteem for the young women of Los Angeles.