i found this picture - got all up in my feelings + had to share my thoughts.


dear 22 year old chelsea, i know you feel SO crazy lost. you graduated with a business degree and chose to move back in with mom to find yourself, your voice, your passion, your purpose. in 6 years you'll be making a living painting you're feelings on everything. and believe it or not - one day you'll decide to shave all your hair off [you never identified with it anyway] you'll learn to drop your ego. you'll work nanny jobs and barista gigs for the next 3 years and learn more lessons than you ever could at school. you'll have 842882 panic attacks, make 827 new friends and have 5838 more feelings. some doors won't open for you - but girl, you'll realize later they weren't your doors.  you'll get involved with @awakenarts and work with girls whose lives reflect yours.  you’re going to find yourself - fall in love with yourself and finally put chelsea first. you’ll realize you don’t have to be completely healed to help people — but by helping people, you will heal completely. it's gonna be a wild journey girl - but i promise, you gon kill it. don't stop shining that light. head high. love, 28 year old chelsea #chelseawrites [whip cream explosion at @starbucks, 2011]